Moves into Wisconsin Balanced with Moves Out in 2014

On the first of the year, Atlas released the results of its annual Moving Migration Patterns study. The study reports the number of interstate/interprovincial moves handled by Atlas. Each U.S. state and Canadian province is given a status of inbound, outbound or balanced determined by the number of interstate moves recorded by Atlas agents in each.

In 2014, for the third year in a row, Wisconsin was classified as a balanced state with neither inbound nor outbound moves exceeding 55% of the state's total moves. 848 household moved in while 1,019 moved out.  Out of the last 10 years, Wisconsin has been given a balanced status for all but two years, 2007 and 2011, in which the state was outbound.

Wisconsin was one of 26 balanced U.S. states in 2014. The only major change seen in 2014 in the northern states was Vermont shifting from balanced to outbound. The remainder of the northern states saw no status change. The U.S. region with the most status changes was the south. The Midwestern states did not change status with the exception of Missouri moving from balanced to outbound. The western states only saw two changes in Montana and Washington. Montana shifted from inbound to balanced and Washington went from balanced to inbound.

The full 2014 Moving Migration study can be found here.



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