Tips for A "Green" Move

With the ever-increasing concern for global warming and environmental sustainability, we're all a little more conscious of how our actions affect the environment. Our environmental impact is never more apparent than when moving to a new home—especially if you’re accustomed to holding on to a little more than you should. If you’re someone who wants to reduce your carbon footprint— or just want to have less stuff to move—consider these tips to make your moving experience a little more environmentally friendly.

Downsize Household Goods

Professional -moving -company -tipsFewer possessions ultimately mean less packing materials,moving boxes, truck space and fuel. If you’ve accumulated a lot of things you're on the fence about, the thought of making a greener move just might be the deciding factor in getting rid of clutter., Consider selling items online or in a moving sale or donate them to local charities. While also helping out your community, it lessens your moving load.

Reuse Packing Supplies

Speaking of packing materials, it is typical that boxes, bubble wrap and packing peanuts will be used once and then thrown away. If you work in an office or know someone who has recently moved, chances are they may have some extra boxes and packing materials lying around. You can also consider using rubber tubs instead of cardboard boxes. After you have unpacked, these containers can be stacked to conserve space and you can eventually use them for seasonal decorations, clothing or your next move. If you do purchase disposable packing materials, recycle them!

Dispose of Non-Allowables

If you are using a moving company, there will be certain items that they will not move. Usually these consist of hazardous liquids like chemicals,but can also include firearms, propane tanks and even nail polish. Your moving company will be able to provide you with a list of non-allowables. You can choose to transport these items yourself or dispose of them. Many communities schedule “tox away days” or days where designated locations will collect hazardous materials and safely dispose of them without harming the environment.

Donate Non-perishable Food

Going -green -atlas -moving -companyIn the weeks before your move, you may have been so busy pre-packing and planning your move that you forgot about your completely stocked pantry. Rather than throwing out unused food or loading up extra boxes, consider donating all non-perishable food items to a local food pantry. Ace World Wide participates in the "Move for Hunger" program, where your driver delivers your donated food to a local food pantry for you. Remember that perishable food items will not be accepted by food donation centers and moving companies typically refuse to transfer perishable items of any kind.

After Your Move

After you are settled in your new home, find out what kind of recycling services your new community offers. If curb-side pick-up is not offered, find a local recycling center nearby where recyclables can be dropped off.

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