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Ace Worldwide Elite Relocation Services is a large, multi-location agent for Atlas Van Lines. That differentiates our program from the vast majority of those specific to lab relocation.


A sampling of our menu of lab services are as follows:


  • Planning. We assist you in all areas of this process. Site surveys allow you to share
    specific needs and provides us with the basis to best serve your needs.
  • Communication. You and your team works directly with the Ace Laboratory team to
    ensure easy and accurate sharing of information
  • Origin Services. Ace/Atlas teams provide Decommissioning, packing, crating and
    loading of laboratory items.
  • Transportation. Goods are transported on Ace/Atlas specialty trailers.
  • Destination services. Ace/Atlas team provides all required services.
  • Specialty needs. We have generator-equipped trailers to allow for “live transport”
    of specimens. We can provide Chill Units if needed.
  • Climate controlled/Expedited units are available to ship live specimens.
  • Peace of mind. Ace Leadership/Supervisors on-site, as well as our Ace coordinators communicating
    with you allow for your peace of mind.
  • Move Management. 100% of the services provided to you are arranged and managed by Ace.


The key to a successful lab relocation starts with you partnering with the right team that understands your
needs, provides the best solution and then delivers what was promised. Because we are an asset-based
provider of laboratory services and rely on only ourselves and our proven partners, makes Ace someone to
speak to about your service needs. We look forward to that conversation.

For more information, please contact John Donovan at or 800-223-6683