Estimate types:

Movers usually provide different types of estimates: Online, over the phone or in-home. An in-home estimate is almost always the most accurate because it allows the estimator a accurate measure of all the items included in your move. Even if you overlook a bulky item in the yard or the storage area you have rented, the surveyor is trained to look for any kind of item that might increase your estimate, and can answer any questions you might have in preparation of your move. Many moving companies offer estimating services for free.

Different estimate options:

Many companies offer different options for estimates: binding, non-binding and the Assured Price Protection program. With a binding estimate, regardless of the actual weight of your shipment, the surplus won't be charged to you if the move occurs within sixty days and no additional services are added. With Atlas' Assured Price Protection program, if the binding estimate was too high, the difference will be calculated and you will pay the lower fee. A non-binding estimate gives you a good idea of what the price of your move will be. However, the actual payment is based on actual weight determined after loading.

Extra services:

In addition to moving your household goods, moving companies offer a variety of extra services. Full service packing, removal of debris, disassembly and reassembly are a few examples. You can also elect to have your items stored in transit and sometimes it might be necessary to order shuttle service if the items are not accessible to the carrier (a semi truck and trailer does not fit everywhere). All these extra services will incur additional charges. It is important to understand what additional service is necessary and what is not. A reputable moving company will get your permission before adding any additional services and cost.