Kathy J.
Saturday, January 19, 2013

Doug and Jennifer - I apologize upfront for not sending this sooner.  I wanted to let you both know how very pleased I was with the move of some of our furniture from NJ to Las Vegas.  Everything went so smoothly and quickly.  I was amazed that the items that were picked up on 1/3 arrived just one week later.  The guys that loaded the furniture on 1/3 did a great job - Jennifer I think I shared that with you previously.
The two gentlemen that delivered and unloaded the furniture on 1/10 also did a terrific job.  They  were just great, very careful with the furniture and very attentive to placing it where I wanted.  Please share this feedback with their manager I want him to know how great a job they both did and how much I appreciate their hard work.  I know I had some big heavy pieces.  They moved them into the condo with no problems.
I just wanted to let you both know how much I appreciate what all of you did to make this move so easy and stress free for us.  I had gotten to the point of no return when researching moving companies as quite frankly I didn't trust the companies I talked to.
Phil, I have to thank you for your recommendation of Doug and his moving company.  It was a perfect recommendation....just the best.
Doug, we will be doing our final move in about a year and a half and we will definitely call you for this business which I hope you will be able to accommodate at that time.
Thank you again for a great moving experience and if you ever want to use me as a reference just let me know.  I will be happy to recommend your services to any potential customer.
Yours Truly,
Kathy J.