The right moving box - A guide to knowing which ones to use



Small Boxes. These containers are designed to hold small and heavy items. Small boxes are a great choice for collections of books and movies. Make sure not to overstuff small boxes—it is better to invest in more boxes than to over-pack the ones you have. These smaller boxes can also be used to carry kitchen supplies as well as small home appliances. 

  • Medium Boxes. These slightly larger boxes are a great choice for items that are too big to fit into the smaller moving boxes. This can include home stereo equipment and appliances such as microwaves and DVD players. Medium boxes can also be used to transport smaller or thinner home linens.
  • Large Boxes. Bulky items can be difficult to fit into small or medium-sized boxes, which is why these items, such as thicker or larger home linens, pillows, comforters, and blankets, should be saved for large and extra-large boxes.
  • Specialty Boxes. Many boxes are designed for specific items and can provide the safest and most secure form of transportation for belongings that may not work in standard boxes. Dish boxes provide extra protection and durability for fragile items such as plates and glassware, while wardrobe boxes feature bars that can be used to hang and store clothing. Ask your moving company which other types of boxes can also provide security and durability.

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